Welcome to our journey with growth hormones.Hope you enjoy reading!

Monday, November 11, 2013

We're growing!!

Our first Endocrinologist visit since starting growth hormones was today! We were so excited to see if lily has grown.We have noticed she has since she barely fits into any of her current clothes and had to get all new shoes. Sure enough she did! She is now 45 1/4 inches tall and 45.5 lbs.. That just made us so happy to see that we are getting such great results from her shots. She was barely 44 inches when starting so thats a whole inch and a half growth in 3 months! She's gained 5lbs too! Shes been eating really well. We couldn't get her to eat but 3 bites before starting and now her appetite is huge. Shes finishing off full meals of food and wanting more. What a difference from before when her ribs showed and she looked like we didn't feed her! Finally something that helps!! We're hoping for another inch in 3 months when we go back for her checkup.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Time is flying by!! Month 2 update!

I can't believe how quickly time flies!! We are in month two of Nutropin. So far things have been going very well. Lily is growing and its great! She has gained 4.5lbs so far. The shots are not a big deal anymore, its just a normal part of our nighttime routine. I'm sure shes grown mabe an inch since all her skirts are getting pretty short on her. We are happy so far that there have been no negative side effects. I have to give thanks to Nutropin Access to Care foundation. They have been so great to work with. Very helpful and friendly. They are supplying her growth hormones while we go through all the denials from insurance. We so far have still been denied but we are switching insurance plans next month so fingers crossed we will eventually get approved. Its like a little light switched on in her body after starting and finally it tells her its time to eat and grow! Shes very hungry lately and eats and drinks a ton! Thats how a normal  9yr old should be. We were lucky if she even ate 3 bites of food before. I can't wait until We go to her endo appt. in November to see just how tall she is. I know we could measure here but I like the excitement of waiting.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

3 weeks and new shoes!!

We are now getting into the whole routine of giving shots every night. Things have been going pretty smoothly. We leave the shot out at least 30min before we give the injection. We have been sticking to the thighs and so far its going good although I notice sometimes there are bruises left or an occasional mark where the needle went in. We have been seeing results already! As far as height goes we haven't measured her but we did notice she grew out of all her new shoes I got her last month! We finally went shopping for a size and half bigger!! Thats such a huge improvement since she was in the same shoe size for 2yrs. Her dresses have all gotten tight on her too!! So we had to hit up shoe stores and clothing stores! I tried not to buy too much because I know that she will probably grow out of these things quickly but we were really excited to be finally buying bigger sizes. Shes up from 4's to 6's in shirts. I'm pretty sure shes gained since she finally looks like she has a good size tummy! The shots really make her hungry! She has been eating twice as much as before. It was such a struggle to get her to even eat and now she wants to eat all the time. We are very happy about that. I can't wait to find out if she's grown height wise, I'm looking around for something to chart her height that we can hang up. That will be fun to chart.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A week has gone by!

We've been on growth hormones for a little over a week now(11 days). Things are going very well. We tried all the recommended injection sites and turns out the only place lily likes is thighs. Theres not much fat anywhere but her thighs so thats probably why. Shes really content with sticking to her thighs and says it really doesn't hurt at all. The first few days she complained of it stinging when the medicine went in but we found leaving the pen out at least 30min before helped alot. Now she says it only stings a little and not all the time. She rarely even feels the needle go in. I'm happy about that! I've noticed shes been eating alot more. Before starting she ate a couple bites and was full but shes now finishing her entire meal and wants more! Shes gained 2lbs already!! I'm liking what I am seeing since she was such skin and bones before. We haven't measured her but I'm guessing she will start growing soon.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Our first few days..

 Things are going good so far. When I say good, I mean Lily hasn't really had any major negative reactions to the growth hormones.As far as reactions go she got a slight headache the second night and the next day was a bit more tired than usual and had a droopy eyelid.Everything seems to have cleared up fine though. First and second day went well we did both thighs. Third day we did stomach and that didn't go so well. She is skin and bones, so finding much fat and skin to pinch up is difficult. She said it hurt alot. I told her we wont try stomach again until she gets some more padding there!
 Sunday we tried upper arm. Again she hated it. Said it hurt more than stomach. I think the problem is not alot of fat there either. Tonight we will try the backside upper bottom area, thats if I can convince her. She wants to go back to the thighs which she says she can hardly feel. I just want a few more injection sites so that she doesn't get too sore continually doing the two legs.
 I'm just counting the days until this injection stuff gets easier! They say kids get used to it.. please happen quickly!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day #1 training and first growth hormone injection!

Today was the Big Day!! We had to wake up earlier than normal to get to Lily's appointment. They wanted to schedule us for 8am but I pushed it to 10am..lol.!. Hey I'm not a morning person and I knew I needed a few extra hours so I could focus on everything I needed to learn.We're still on summer vacation so we've gotten pretty lazy with our mornings. We packed the hormones in a small ice chest we have with the ice packs they sent us with the shipment. Too bad they didn't send us any cool travel gear to help make it easier but we got it to work with what we had. I think lily was excited since she got up faster than normal. Shes not a morning person either!

 Got there right on time with little wait. The Genentech trainer was really helpful and friendly. He showed us how to do everything with a demonstration pen. We got to squirt "fake" hormones into the air. I shot it at my hubby to lighten the mood. Hey that was the best part! Lily was a little uncertain and even though she was happy that she would start growing the uncertainty of what the shot would feel like was making her a little uneasy. The trainer then gave us all instructions of where to give shots and let Lily pick which spot she wanted first.  To a kid its like asking "Hey where would you prefer a knife to be jammed into your skin?". She sat for a few minutes and Dad chimed in how about thigh. She agreed. LOL.. I don't think she really wanted a shot anywhere but Dad got things moving again. We prepped.Lily got the dose dialed and the pen all ready to go.Alcohol swab on.. wait until it dries.. She said she didn't want to do it herself(I really didn't expect her to do it but the trainer asked her if she'd want to). Pen in my hand. I realize something that makes it kind of difficult for me. This pen is made for right handers! I'm a lefty why oh why it feels kind of awkward! I felt pretty nervous. I've never given a shot before and here I am ready to test out my skills on my child!! Are these people crazy??? I figure the needle is sooo small what could possibly go wrong right? I pinch the skin, In it goes and out comes the hormones.

 Lily kinda started whimpering a little before I put it in because she was scared of how it would feel but honestly it was soo fast that she said it really didn't hurt. Next time I promised her I would do it faster and not shake as much. LOL. No bandaid needed as its soo tiny the skin just closes on its own. The trainer teased that Lily already looked taller!! LOL.. I'm still pretty nervous about doing it on my own tomorrow but honestly it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. In fact I think poking myself while sewing seems much more painful than that teeny tiny needle! I can see her giving herself her own shots in a few months. Dad on the other hand said it will leave it up to us. Hes too scared to try. Men! We go back in 3 months for a checkup. Heres hoping for lots of growth!! 
STATS today: 
Age 8yrs10mnths: 44 1/8in 40lbs

Monday, August 12, 2013

Starting Growth Hormones!

Yay for us! In just a couple days we will receive a shipment with her medicine and extras from Nutropin. We are still waiting to actually get approval from her insurance BUT Nutropin has a program that helps patients even before approval. I am very happy to hear about that since we were pretty bummed about getting denied. Something about the word DENIED and medicine, It sure can make you feel down. I got a call that we were approved for the meds with Nutropins access to care program and I am soo happy they do that. Shipment comes Wednesday, then we go to her Endo to meet with a nurse to show us how to give shots properly. Now that it's becoming more of a reality I am pretty nervous about it. I know it is for the best though.