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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Just in the waiting stage

While we are waiting for the meds to be approved by insurance I thought I'd post lily's birth stats. She was a healthy full term baby(although she wanted to come early at 5mnths pregnant! I was put on bedrest the rest of my pregnancy!) She got steroid shots for her lungs but never actually came early. I had to be induced at 40wks. She was a healthy 7lbs when born 18in which is a normal height in my family. She has always grown slowly but she grew every year about 2in at the very least. Sometime around 4 her growth seemed to slow. We went to an endo who thought she was just small. We didn't get bloodwork done at that time and thats fine because I don't think I would have accepted giving growth hormones at that age. Afterall, I'm 4'11 and dad isn't that tall either at 5'6. I started to notice her growth slowing and the past couple years went from 1in a year to just 4cm this year! The Drs agree thats not normal and treatment would be best if we want her to reach a somewhat normal adult height. At the rate shes growing she probably wouldn't even be my height. Her bone age was 2yrs younger at 6yrs of age. Other than that she has always been very healthy.


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