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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our first setback

Well we just got a denial letter from Anthem blue Cross. It basically said there was no evidence that shows that dd is growth hormone deficient. Uhh so I guess its more waiting and I'm waiting for a call from her Dr or the Nutropin company to hear what we do next. I'm pretty sure they appeal these decisions with the insurance company. Its so frustrating to have to wait months for anything to get done. My tiny girl needs something! 39lbs at 9yrs old doesn't sound healthy to me!

This picture shows just how tiny she is!This was almost 2yrs ago. She was almost 7 going into 3rd(she skipped a grade) .The kids in her class just towered over her and they are only 1-2yrs older. Right now this is the height difference between her and kids her age. She looks super tiny! 


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