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Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Journey with Growth Hormones..

Looks like we will be starting a new journey with growth hormones. I'm not exactly thrilled to be starting these for my daughter but we feel this is the best decision. My dd is 8 1/2 almost 9 and not even on the charts for height or weight. Shes 44in and 39lbs! Shes just sooo tiny. Shes always been pretty small BUT she grew at least 2in a year and the Dr was ok with that. The past couple years it got slower and slower until this year shes only grown 4cm! Shes in the exact same shoe size as last year at this time! While it saves us money on clothes and shoes I can see a big difference in size between her and her peers. Her 4yr old cousin is her same size and almost passing her up! We are awaiting approval as we speak but we've already gotten the welcome from the nutropin company and we are just waiting final approval to get started. Its not going to be fun to give shots everyday and I'm really worried about doing it right but I guess I will learn!(They said they'd teach me at her drs office but still!)Heres hoping this all starts quickly and everything goes as planned. We're looking towards alot of growing happening this year!


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