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Sunday, August 25, 2013

A week has gone by!

We've been on growth hormones for a little over a week now(11 days). Things are going very well. We tried all the recommended injection sites and turns out the only place lily likes is thighs. Theres not much fat anywhere but her thighs so thats probably why. Shes really content with sticking to her thighs and says it really doesn't hurt at all. The first few days she complained of it stinging when the medicine went in but we found leaving the pen out at least 30min before helped alot. Now she says it only stings a little and not all the time. She rarely even feels the needle go in. I'm happy about that! I've noticed shes been eating alot more. Before starting she ate a couple bites and was full but shes now finishing her entire meal and wants more! Shes gained 2lbs already!! I'm liking what I am seeing since she was such skin and bones before. We haven't measured her but I'm guessing she will start growing soon.


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