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Monday, August 19, 2013

Our first few days..

 Things are going good so far. When I say good, I mean Lily hasn't really had any major negative reactions to the growth hormones.As far as reactions go she got a slight headache the second night and the next day was a bit more tired than usual and had a droopy eyelid.Everything seems to have cleared up fine though. First and second day went well we did both thighs. Third day we did stomach and that didn't go so well. She is skin and bones, so finding much fat and skin to pinch up is difficult. She said it hurt alot. I told her we wont try stomach again until she gets some more padding there!
 Sunday we tried upper arm. Again she hated it. Said it hurt more than stomach. I think the problem is not alot of fat there either. Tonight we will try the backside upper bottom area, thats if I can convince her. She wants to go back to the thighs which she says she can hardly feel. I just want a few more injection sites so that she doesn't get too sore continually doing the two legs.
 I'm just counting the days until this injection stuff gets easier! They say kids get used to it.. please happen quickly!!


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