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Thursday, September 5, 2013

3 weeks and new shoes!!

We are now getting into the whole routine of giving shots every night. Things have been going pretty smoothly. We leave the shot out at least 30min before we give the injection. We have been sticking to the thighs and so far its going good although I notice sometimes there are bruises left or an occasional mark where the needle went in. We have been seeing results already! As far as height goes we haven't measured her but we did notice she grew out of all her new shoes I got her last month! We finally went shopping for a size and half bigger!! Thats such a huge improvement since she was in the same shoe size for 2yrs. Her dresses have all gotten tight on her too!! So we had to hit up shoe stores and clothing stores! I tried not to buy too much because I know that she will probably grow out of these things quickly but we were really excited to be finally buying bigger sizes. Shes up from 4's to 6's in shirts. I'm pretty sure shes gained since she finally looks like she has a good size tummy! The shots really make her hungry! She has been eating twice as much as before. It was such a struggle to get her to even eat and now she wants to eat all the time. We are very happy about that. I can't wait to find out if she's grown height wise, I'm looking around for something to chart her height that we can hang up. That will be fun to chart.


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