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Friday, October 18, 2013

Time is flying by!! Month 2 update!

I can't believe how quickly time flies!! We are in month two of Nutropin. So far things have been going very well. Lily is growing and its great! She has gained 4.5lbs so far. The shots are not a big deal anymore, its just a normal part of our nighttime routine. I'm sure shes grown mabe an inch since all her skirts are getting pretty short on her. We are happy so far that there have been no negative side effects. I have to give thanks to Nutropin Access to Care foundation. They have been so great to work with. Very helpful and friendly. They are supplying her growth hormones while we go through all the denials from insurance. We so far have still been denied but we are switching insurance plans next month so fingers crossed we will eventually get approved. Its like a little light switched on in her body after starting and finally it tells her its time to eat and grow! Shes very hungry lately and eats and drinks a ton! Thats how a normal  9yr old should be. We were lucky if she even ate 3 bites of food before. I can't wait until We go to her endo appt. in November to see just how tall she is. I know we could measure here but I like the excitement of waiting.


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