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Monday, November 11, 2013

We're growing!!

Our first Endocrinologist visit since starting growth hormones was today! We were so excited to see if lily has grown.We have noticed she has since she barely fits into any of her current clothes and had to get all new shoes. Sure enough she did! She is now 45 1/4 inches tall and 45.5 lbs.. That just made us so happy to see that we are getting such great results from her shots. She was barely 44 inches when starting so thats a whole inch and a half growth in 3 months! She's gained 5lbs too! Shes been eating really well. We couldn't get her to eat but 3 bites before starting and now her appetite is huge. Shes finishing off full meals of food and wanting more. What a difference from before when her ribs showed and she looked like we didn't feed her! Finally something that helps!! We're hoping for another inch in 3 months when we go back for her checkup.


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